Jigsaw Puzzles #30 (1000 pieces) – Seven Rabbits Bring Good Fortune (招福七兔)


Seven Rabbits Bring Good Fortune (招福七兔)
(Jigsaw Puzzles) (1000 pieces)
Item No.: 1000-879
Japanese art 日本之美 (艺术)

“Rabbits have been loved since ancient times as they live in the moon and deliver the elixir of immortality. They bring fertility, wealth, and prosperity to their descendants, and are enshrined as gods of good relationships and matchmaking from the myth of the White Rabbit of Inaba.
The hopping up and down of the lion represents that things are going smoothly and is a symbol of progress, while the large, long ears are said to bring prosperity in business because they are good at gathering information and perceiving danger.”
Mt.Fuji covered with colored clouds is a sign of good fortune, the redtailed bluetail perched on a plum tree is harmonious, and the seven little rabbits playing in the flower garden of Kinpoge are adorable, making this auspicious image full of happiness.”


Artist: Kazumi Izumi 泉和美
(C)泉 和美
JAN コード:4959295018794
Made in Japan by: APPLEONE Inc., Japan
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