Jigsaw Puzzles #52 (1000 pieces) – Road of Aso Laputa (The sky road in Aso) 阿苏拉普达之路 (阿苏的天空之路)


Road of Aso Laputa (The sky road in Aso)
阿苏拉普达之路 (阿苏的天空之路)
(Jigsaw Puzzles) (1000 pieces)
Item No.: 1000-801
Finished size: 50cm × 75cm
Scenery (Photo) | Japanese Scenery (风景)照片 | 日本风景
“The city road Kario trunk line that connects the north outer rim of Kumamoto Prefecture and Aso Valley. Magnificent scenery that overlooks the road as if it were floating in the sky.
“連接熊本縣北外緣和阿蘇溪谷的城市道路卡里奧干線。 俯瞰道路的壯麗景色彷彿漂浮在天空中。
(C) gen issei/ SEBUN PHOTO/ amanaimages
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